What's the deal with heat tape?

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Winter is almost here and soon we will see snow piling on top of rootops! This can spell big trouble for home owners as a variety of factors relating to heating, insulation, and weather conditions can lead to big problems with ice dams, roof and gutter damage. Many home owners look to the assistance of heated tape (sometimes callled heat cable) along roof eaves to prevent the build-up of snow and the freeze-thaw of icicles from damaging their houses.

Around Park City and Summit County you can look around many neighborhoods and find many homes that have that distinctive zig-zag pattern on their roofs. But do you know what the environmental cost of operating heat tape or heat cables is? Depending on the size of the home, type and duration of usage of heat tape can significantly contribute to your monthly electricity bill! We at SCPW are hoping to gather more information about heat tape usage from our SCPW Community and residents of Summit County and Park City so that we can quanitfy more data on how heat tape impacts our electricity use as a community. Then, we plan to develop some best practices we can suggest to help reduce our electricity use from heat tape and benefit household utility savings. 

Do you have heat tape on your home? Do you have 3 minutes to answer some questions? 

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Wednesday, November 7, 2018