Live PC Give PC 2018

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In just a few short days away Live PC Give PC will be here, the biggest Park City Fundraising event of the year! On November 9th, Live PC Give PC will be here to raise money for the awesome, hard-working organizations in Summit County that are working to make our community and world a better place!

Organized by the Park City Community Foundation, this extreme day of community generosity hypes up Summit County to raise funds for local causes, non-profits, and scholarships alike. Last year alone, the community worked together to raise over $2 million for local causes, from over 4,000 donors!

Join in on the fun and support Summit Community Power Works through Live PC Give PC! Then, join us in celebrating how just how awesome Park City is at giving back by attending the after-party at High West Saloon at 8pm on November 9th!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018